Why the NFL Should Stop Playing Games in London

Three times each season the NFL plays a game in London, England. This is part of the International Series and started back in 2007. From this time it went to one game being played overseas per season to three games. The fans in London get to see American Football live. Many fans of the sport are not happy with the football game that is being played overseas. While the NFL seems to like making the sport international ,fans and players often do not care for this. There are some reasons why playing this sport in London is not a good idea.

Jet Lag
For those that have travel overseas they know how bad that the jet leg can be. A person can be miserable and cranky. Image an entire football team and coaching staff with this problem. Playing football will only make this worse. In order to make this game work the teams should lead over there a couple of weeks before the game and get used to this new setting and time zone. They can practice and take time to adjust. Due to the schedule of the football games this is not possible.

The football fans back in the United States have a real issue with the timing of the game. Since London is in a different time zone this can be a huge problem. These games may take place during the early hours of Sunday morning to people back in the USA. If a person’s team in playing this game they are going to have to be up very early to watch it. For the people living in London this game is played at a normal time. For those fans across the ocean this time zone difference is a real problem.

Lost Home Field
Many football players as well as their fans prefer to play the games at their home stadium. They are comfortable with this and there is a large fan base here. Home field advantaged is huge for players and fans alike. When a team plays in London they are losing their home field. While it is a neutral playing field for both teams they do miss out on the advantage that their home field has to offer them. The fans cannot travel to London to watch their team play. It is expensive and a long trip. People do not have the time to take off of work to travel around the world to watch a football game. While the fans of London can see a game many fans back in the USA cannot.

These are some of the reasons why fans in the United States are not crazy about the seasonal games that are played in London. While the NFL is looking to increase their fan base all around the world loyal fans back home are not thrilled with this decision. While the fans are not too happy with the international games that are played the people of London get to see what American Football is really all about.

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