Rams vs 49ers Preview

The L.A. Rams are back in California and ready to take on their first team since. The last time they could call California home was in 1994 and for this reason in itself is sure to make the game an exciting one. Some think that the Rams may even have this game in the bag already considering how horrible the 49er’s did last year. As a matter of fact they had the worst defense in the NFL…quite an embarrassment.

Blaine Gabbert, the quarterback for the 49ers, really gave it to the Rams last season when they played one another in week 17 so some predictions believe that the Rams may have their retaliations moves ready to not only completely distract Gabbert but totally make him fall off of his a-game and end up throwing bad passes and possibly fumble the ball a few times.

There is one particular L.A. Ram that have people eyes this season, Tyler Higbee, the teams tight end. The hope is that he is as effective as Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski, who they have also based Higgles nickname from, “Little Baby Gronk”.

With a chance to make up for their defeat last season, it is expected that the Rams have beefed up their defense. The word is that the 49ers have a very good running back, Carlos Hyde, as well as a better offense thanks to their head coach, Chip Kelly, who will be making his official debut as the head coach. The Rams front seven are the best frontmen in the NFL so the defense should be trying to gain control over Hyde in order to succeed in throwing off Gabbert.

Although the 49er’s have one of the worst defenses in the league, the Rams themselves still have some work to do too. The secret weapon, or not so secret, is Todd Gurley. The 49ers struggled last year with Gurley in the game and once again are expected to fail once again as long as the Rams offense is strong enough.

Really what the game comes down to is that we have two teams that did horrendously last season and are now facing one another to see who can claim the worst title once again. Either way, the 49er’s will be home surrounded by all the local fans while the Rams, being an anticipated returning team, will have their California fans gathering to support them. Both sides are sure to be highly motivated which they will need since the big wigs will be benched.

On both sides of the game, the once key players for this game will be on the sidelines. Colin Kaepernick of the 49er’s and Jared Goff of the Rams are both said to be backups for this game. With the controversy that Kaepernick has created during the national anthem, he was forced to sit out but that just seems to be bringing more people to his personal cause.

Goff on the other hand, will not even be dressing out for the game. Instead he will be in his own street clothing watching like the rest of us. Jeff Fisher has made it clear that he did not feel that Goff was ready, but he did say that he has made some improvements.

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