NFL Players Who Are Secretly Geniuses

When a person thinks about a football player they do not think of intelligence as a quality that they excel in. These players are proving the notion of dumb football players wrong. They have attended some of the finest schools in the country and excelled in their program. These are some NFL players that have a very high IQ. These players have excelled in school as well as the football field.

Ryan Fitzpatrick
This football player comes out of a school that is known for academics. Fitzpatrick attended Harvard and was able to graduate from this school. He even got a Wonderlic score of 48 which is very impressive. When he took the SATs he scored a 1,580 out of a possible 1,600. This man is one of the smartest players in the entire NFL.

Richard Sherman
Richard is another player that is very intelligent. He attended Stanford college and was able to graduate. He even went back to this college to get his Masters degree. He had a 4.3 GPA in high school and did not let his football career affect his grades. This GPA is well above average and it not something that is easy to maintain especially with the demanding football practice schedule.

Jacob Tamme
Jacob did very well in college. He graduated from Kentucky with a 3.8 GAP. He was able to get his Masters degree in business administration just before joining the NFL. He was able to do this at a young age. He was even one of the only fifteen finalists for the Draddy Trophy which is awarded to only the top athletic scholars. This is an award that shows his academic achievement.

Benjamin Watson
Benjamin is a very intelligent person. He was a finance major at both Georgia as well as Duke. He had a score of 48 on the Wonderlic tests. He was even able to write a book called Under Our Skin: Real About Race which was very well written. He also does a lot of work in the community.

Stefan Wisniewski
Stefan was a great student athlete and is well known for his academics as well as his playing ability. While he was a three time All America at Penn State he was also able to keep a 3.9 GPA.

Sam Acho
Sam is known for being impressive on and off the football field. He excelled in school and attended the University of Texas and was able to keep a 3.6 GPA. He received the William V Campbell Trophy during his senior year. This is an award that was only given to stellar student athletes. He was one of the only players to win this award for his academic achievements.

These are the smartest players in the NFL. These football players attended some great colleges for their academics and were able to leave the school with a football contract as well as a degree. These NFL players are smart do matter how hard they are getting banged around on the football field.

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