6 Best NFL Teams Who Did Not Win a Super Bowl Title

Super Bowl is a prestigious title in America. Here are six teams among many best NFL teams that did not manage to win a super bowl title. The listing doesn’t follow the strength of the team and the year failed.

1. 2011 Green Bay Packers

In the year 2010, the Packers surprisingly won the super bowl after having a successful season that they totally dominated. The team had a clear future and hopes of winning, in the same season, Aaron Rodgers won 2011 MVP award indicating the strength that the team had. The Packers had a successful season up to week 13. Two weeks later Kansas City brought their hopes down when they beat them; the Packers, however, went ahead to play the playoff having a record of 15-1. The Packers were brought down by the New York Giants at the last minute, and they are not the first team to experience the same.

2. 1998 Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings had a successful season in 1998, and the regular season favored them to record 556 points. They averagely recorded 16 points in every game that they played winning 12 games by more than 10 points. Many of Vikings players like John Randle, Randall Cunningham, and Randy Moss also recorded significant achievements in the season. After a very successful season, the Minnesota champions were now set to take the big title, but the worst happened when Gary Anderson missed a field goal, that brought all the difference and they lost the title.

3. 2015 Carolina Partners

The Partners were moving at a good rate and very confident that their dominance in the NFL would bring success in 2015. Can Newton was a stronghold in the quarterback, and his effort was noticed making him win the NFL MVP Award. The team also had some best players voted for prestigious titles like Josh Norman and Luke Kuechly who were voted for the Defensive Player 2015 award. Things changed for the Partners in week 16 when the Atlanta Falcons turned their hopes down by beating them.

4. 1999 Buffalo Bills

The Bills had gone through some beautiful moments in the 1990s winning four super bowl titles and getting very excellent records. They also had some competent players like Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas and Andre Reed who carried the hope of the team. The Bills loss to New York Giants when Scott Norwood lost a goal attempt that would have seen them get the title.

5. 1983 Washington Redskins

The Redskins got the super bowl championship in the year 1982; hopes were high the following year that is 1983 as many people thought that their squad which included players like John Riggins, Joe Thiemann, Darrell Green, and Art Monk was a better team. Their 1983 record was impressive with some of the best records, and coming out with over 43 points turnover margin. The team, however, lost to Los Angeles Raiders.

6. 1996 Denver Broncos

The Broncos had a season record of 13-3. They had a high dominance of the season which led them to get a priority to AFC playoff. All didn’t go well for the Broncos in 1996; Jacksonville Jaguars didn’t favor them to get the title. The failure in 1996 made the Broncos come back more rejuvenated and determined and won the super bowl title in two consecutive years that is 1997 and 1998 titles. The Broncos didn’t just get the title; they also got some of their players getting featured in the hall of fame. Shannon Sharpe, John Elway, Gary Zimmerman, Terrell Davis, and Alfred Williams are among the players that got recognized for their outstanding play in the season.

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